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I currently have 100 88 "PLR RESALE RIGHTS" copies of The "The Trade Cash System" Video Seminar available which is loaded with tons of video CD's, and 2 manuals.

Watch And Learn As You Are Guided Step by Step On How To Make Serious Cash From Home Trading Stocks & Options EVEN In The Current Crazy Economy We Are Seeing In The World Markets in This BRAND NEW Video Seminar Series...

As you can see above we just launched www.TradeCashSystem.com  where this product will sells for $297 without rights. Starting today we will also be selling a limited number of copies of this course with rights for $997 but when you are one of the next 100 88  to order you can pickup these $997 PLR resale rights for only $497.

To make this offer even better, if you order a copy of the rights to The Trade Cash System today, we will upgrade your rights to full Private Label Master Rights.

This means you can re-brand and rename the course in any way you choose.  You may also sell rights to others, however you may not allow your customers to pass on the rights.

Right now you can be one of only 100 people to grab The Trade Cash System with FULL PLR rights for only $497.

Physical Products With PLR Resale Rights are RARE, Especially At Fire Sale Prices Like This!

You Get The 12 Video Discs

You Get The The Manuals

You Get Resale Rights To All Of It!

If you are worried about the cost to duplicate this set, don't be. We get the manuals duplicated at "Kinkos Printing Online" for $12.55 each set and then make the CD's our self in house.

Heck, you may even have a laser printer that will allow you to keep the manual printing in house also, we just choose to outsource that because we like the coil binding they use, but you could easily just put this in a 3 ring binder if you decide to print them at home.

I have one of the proof sets that were printed on my desk now and it looks amazing as you saw in the photo above. I am pre-releasing only 50 sets with full PLR resale rights as a limited special offer here today only.

That means you have an instant plug in profit center with your very own physical product to resale! 

You get to sell it and keep every penny of the profit.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be one of the "big gun" marketers that command huge prices for their physical products?

Now you can!

In only a matter of days you will will be selling this course for $297 or more and keeping 100% of the profits.

This is an incredible video seminar over 20 hours of content.


Right now you can pickup one of these 100 sets with full PLR resale rights for a shockingly low $997.00... (Be one of the next 100 88 to order and get these PLR rights for only $497.00)

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In disbelief?

Don't be.

While I'm sure you're thinking that I'm absolutely nuts right now for letting this course go with full PLR resale rights as a physical product so cheaply, there is a reason for this madness, I want you to be one of the 1st to grab these at a big discount and then give me your feedback after you have looked it over and sold a few sets to others.

So while keeping in mind that this is a one time thing that's limited to only 100 people, grab this package right now and I'll ship it right to your door including the manuals, assortment of video CD's and more with full PLR rights!

I will also include all of the digital files that are needed to reprint this course such as the Photoshop PSD files for the DVD case covers and manuals plus the MS word documents to the manuals, ready for you to edit or print as your own!

You will need to use these digital files as masters to create the physical product, however you may also sell this as a digital product if you wish to sell as an online course, but the digital files are huge so it works better if you duplicate it as a physical product.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. 

A full resellers website and sales letter is included!

And remember when you order today..  I will also toss in...

1. Master Resell Rights, so you can sell resell rights to others.

2. PLR Private Label Rights, so you can totally rebrand, rename, or re-hash this product in any way you wish to make it your own.



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